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Why choose our products

To create excellent products it is necessary to know deeply the great heritage made by medical herbs from all over the world.

Recent studies have shown that there are 250.000 different types of medical herbs in the world, in addition there are 80.000 other plants that could have medical properties. Many of them are not known yet, others are known superficially, without any thorough study.

Many populations with a millennial medical tradition as China, India, Latin-America and Europe took full advantage of this treasure, and a lot of scientific researches confirm the therapeutic properties of this ethnobotanical knowledge handed down to us from those populations.

Thanks to the confrontation and study with Indian and Chinese masters, we succeeded in condensing all this millennial medical wisdom in our products.

Raw material

We select only high quality primary products, with the highest level of purity. We use plants that come directly from their country of origin, so that the climate has promoted their growth.
We want to make sure that the quality is very high through an accurate scrutiny aimed at the exclusion of any possible contaminant (aflatoxin, mycotoxins, pesticide, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals etc.)

Multi-ingredient products

Our products contain  multiple ingredients, at least 10 plants. This involves a lack of allergic phenomena. Also, these ingredients are very effective because of their high quantity of active substances that act on many organs.

Exclusive formula

Viveka products’ formulas are made by people who have been working in medical, pharmaceutical and naturopathic fields for many decades.
It is necessary to be not only a botanist, but also to have experience and to be able  to combine at least 10 different plants so different from one another to cresate such complex products.

Selected laboratories

Viveka relies on the best laboratories with the best production techniques in order to extract from these plants all their precious proprties and enormous potential.