Balance, nature, energy. Rebalance your energy system through nature.

Viveka is meant to promote an innovative concept of health, based on prevention and optimization of physiological functions of different parts of the body.
Our aim is to make sure that nature’s healing properties can be within reach of everyone.
We want to give answers to people’s questions about health.

These questions are not only about treating pathologies with natural remedies, but also how to avoid them even before they arise.

  • How to conduct an active prevention?
  • How to purify our organism from the great quantity of poison that sorrounds us?=
  • How to stimulate our immune system?
  • How to combat anxiety and stress?
  • How to act against aging to extend the body’s youth?

While attempting to answer these questions, Viveka has been studying and doing scientific researches passionately, because these challenging goals could have been reached only with hard work and in-depth studies.