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The meaning of viveka

The term “Viveka” belongs to the Indian culture and in Sanskrit it means “to discriminate, to discern”, intended as the capacity to distinguish the different aspects of objective reality and to recognize through the development of consciousness the limits and conditionings of our minds that have grown up during our lives.

We chose this term as a tribute to this great ancient knowledge of the natural world.
Reality is objective but our mind interprets and filters it out on the basis of past experiences, our mood, our inner dialogues, how we face some experiences and the meaning we give them.

We can change the way we think by practicing “Viveka” constantly and actively. Only then our mind will be our precious gift instead of an obstacle that makes us our own slaves.
Latins said: “mens sana in corpore sano” (“Healthy mind in a helathy body”), assuming that there’s mental balance only if our body is healthy and viceversa.

 Viveka products have been made by thinking about the human body as a whole, a “unicum” and then effectiveness depends by the search for our lost balance.