The rules of the game are same…

I tend to chat up taxi drivers whenever I am travelling, and get some earthy home brewed wisdom in return. I will come to these nuggets of wisdom time and again.

There was this time I was in a taxi in Amsterdam, and struck up a conversation.

“I lived in Bombay (now Mumbai) for some time.”, said the taxi-driver.

“What! You must have found life here completely different after your experience in Bombay.”

“Naah! There’s no difference. Bombay or Amsterdam, it’s all the same.”

“Bombay or Amsterdam… same…?”

“Ya. Bombay or Amsterdam, the rules are the same. If you do not work…, you don’t get food to eat.”

Yours truly,

Vivek Shroff (

How do you define a lie?

If, what I believe to be the truth, is different from, what I intend to convey, it is a lie. Period.

I do not need to move my lips – in order to convey something.

With all due respect to Dharmaraja Yudhishthira, maybe he should have just let the elephant (Ashwathama) be…

Yours in samvit,

Vivek Shroff (