Manmohan, Protector of Evil?

I had posted the following link to the Washington Post article lambasting Dr Manmohan Singh, on my facebook page.

I received a comment from a dear friend lamenting the article – ‘another decent person might bite the dust’.

I differ.

Hence this post.

No one can point a finger against Dr Singh’s sterling record and ‘decency’ – ‘before’ he took up the current post with the ruling party.

Unfortunately, it is immaterial if the ill-gotten moolah has landed in his house or someone else’s swiss bank account.

If the ruling party wants to maximize the ‘profits of office’, who would be the best person to install as the prime minister, behind whose back they could carry out their activities unimpeded? Knowingly or unknowingly, Dr Manmohan Singh has been carrying out this mandate from the ruling party to perfection.

With no one else, I repeat, no one else as prime minister, could the present scale of corruption have occurred. If an ‘active – working prime minister’ having electoral responsibilities, had been our PM, say Rahul Gandhi or Sharad Pawar or even Mamta Banerjee, he or she would have been burnt at the stake by now. It is only under the benign protection of our current PM, under his acquiescing silence, that the present travesty could have occurred.

The country is having to pay too high a price for his holier-than-thou image, which is being used to the hilt by his party compatriots.

His dishing out couplets fed to him by the party PR machinery, extolling the virtues of silence, is nothing short of nauseating.

I am normally very sensitive to India’s image being maligned esp. for art – say ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. But here, I feel no such justification to hold back from the truly tragic reality.

If Dr Singh is really clean, not longing even for the palatial PM house, but totally helpless to rein in his colleagues, he should resign.

That, at the bare minimum, would at least remove the shield of the ruling party wrong-doers.

Yours, for better or worse,

Vivek Shroff (