Arre! But where is Soniaji?

How would you feel if Wisden released a list of the best cricketers in the world, but left out Sachin from the list?

Similar, was my astonishment and despair, on seeing the list of the ‘Fab Fifteen’ from Team Anna – the ‘corrupt-est‘ fifteen sons of Mother India.

Astonishment, as to how they could enter the figures in a spreadsheet. I doubt if the latest release of Excel can handle them. But then I realized that if the distance between stars can be measured in terms of light-years, then maybe a similar unit – ‘lakh-crore’ may be used to measure the relative ‘corrupt-ability‘ of our leaders.

But then, how come Soniaji is not in this list, while mere minnows populate it?

The telecom scam, coal-gate, commonwealth games scam – could the money flow anywhere but to the top? It is as sure as the law of gravity.

Why is the press so very hesitant to state that ultimately, it is Sonia Gandhi who calls the shots; and to allege that her underlings have pocketed the loot (apart from some bread crumbs, of course), is to insinuate that she is naive and feckless, which she is not.

In the list of the greatest cricketers, may Sachin top the list, and in that of the most corrupt politicians, may Sonia be the gold standard to which rulers around the world aspire.

Yours, for better or worse,

Vivek Shroff (

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