ObamaCare causing unemployment?

I came across a blog post by Scott Lincicome “frustrated libertarian” on “ObamaCare and America’s Global Competitiveness”. He argues that ObamaCare is forcing healthcare industry players to look for ways to operate more efficiently, and consequently, is causing outsourcing to India. Also, a sympathetic comment on the blog stated that the healthcare sector is generating the maximum employment growth.

I produce below, my comment to this blog entry :

So, ObamaCare is forcing the healthcare providers to “look at a variety of ways to operate more efficiently and keep premiums affordable.” Is this being criticized in the article?

The healthcare industry by accounting for 56% of job growth from 2001 to 2007, has not been a growth engine, but rather a cancerous tumour which has sucked the life out of the other economic sectors, so much so, that in the whole world, USA is probably the only country where a guy must cling to his current job more out of compulsion to retain his health insurance, rather than out of career growth considerations.

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