Do neckties cause global warming?

Well, yes and no.

Neckties originated in the first half of the seventeenth century in Paris, thanks to the Croatian mercenaries in the French army.

Both Croatia and France are having colder climes – with the maximum temperature below 20℃ for most part of the year, and rarely exceeding 25℃.

Even today, neckties are more of a staple uniform for the western nations.

For companies in these nations, heating bills are a major fuel expense. Ties, by keeping in the body heat, help to save on these bills as the office then does not need to be heated to a high enough temperature so that open collars are comfortable. Thus by reducing consumption of fossil fuels, ties are aiding the environment.

In contrast, in India, air-conditioning cooling bills are a major fuel expense. By wearing a tie, we are forcing the air-conditioning to run even stronger. Check out a company where all the guys are trying to copy IBM’s dress code. My bet is, the AC thermostat is set to 20℃. Can you imagine those gooey cholo-fluoro-carbons heading straight up – just raring to be a part of the greenhouse effect?

My take? If the weather outdoor is anywhere above 20℃, do Mother Nature a favour. Dump the tie.

Yours in samvit,

Vivek Shroff (

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