Eat to live

I had read in Pujya Gandhiji’s book – The Story of My Experiments with Truth – that it is much easier to completely swear off something, rather than to exercise our will-power in trying to limit it.

I found it is true.

Do yourself a favour.

Just drop – sweetmeats (that includes chocolates, ice-creams, cakes, cold drinks), fried stuff (yuck..) and stuff claiming to be edible, but in reality made from maida (finely ground wheat) – from your diet this week.

Do you feel a difference?

Yeah sure. Like if you have a BMW. And one fine morning you decide that I am no longer going to run it on kerosene, but instead fill her up with high-octane gasoline.

Oh of course, our body is like a BMW. Just infinitely more valuable.

Yours in samvit,

Vivek Shroff (

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